49ers Escape Detroit With 41-33 Win

The 49ers escape Detroit with a 41-33 win to start the 2021 season 1-0.

Check your heart rate, 49ers fans.

The 49ers escaped Detroit with a 41-33 win to start the 2021 season 1-0.

This was a game that the 49ers were expected to win, but not in this fashion. The 49ers were up by by three scores in the middle of the fourth-quarter. And all it took was an injury to Jason Verrett to hurt the focus. Verrett should not have been there that late in the game. Players who have had injury prone history should not have been there that long. It is how Deebo Samuel got injured against the Patriots last year. This is something the 49ers have to manage better. A game that should have felt like a proud win turns into an escape. The 49ers showed weakness in this game that the Eagles will be sure to pick up on.

Aside from a potential collapse, Deebo Samuel eviscerated the Lions. Kyle Shanahan had two clear gameplans for the offense. It was to maintain an effective running game and to use Samuel as the workhorse. The Lions knew Samuel was getting the ball and could do nothing to stop him, let alone slow him down. He was a man on a mission today and it showed as he went for a career high in 189 receiving yards on eight catches and a touchdown. His stellar game almost was ruined as he fumbled on the second to last drive that allowed the Lions one final chance to tie the game.

The 49ers proved today that all of the concern over who the third wide receiver would be was unnecessary. When a team can run the ball and dominate through the air with just two players, then there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the middle of the depth chart. 

Jimmy Garoppolo also deserves credit for executing the offense and playing his part in the offense. The 49ers offense just needs a starting caliber quarterback so that Shanahan can keep his plan on schedule.

Regardless of the injuries of Verrett and Raheem Mostert, the 49ers must shift their focus to the Eagles. Starting 1-0 was necessary for the 49ers as the other teams in the NFC West looked sharped. The Eagles will not be a pushover as they have some adequate talent around that can challenge the 49ers.

It'll be tough, but a game the 49ers can have.