49ers' George Kittle Sits out Practice With Ankle Soreness

Jose Luis Sanchez III

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - San Francisco 49ers' All-Pro tight end George Kittle sat out today's practice due to an ankle injury per the team's practice report. A team spokesman from the 49ers revealed to the local media that Kittle was experiencing soreness from his ankle. 

Kittle was not out there during the open portion of practice to the media, so it initially seemed that he was just lingering around until team drills.

From my own observations in the locker room and the facility, Kittle did not show any signs of limping. He was dressed and ready to go for practice just like any other day. There wasn't even any issues with his ankle following Saturday's win over the Vikings. 

Kittle was not expected to sit out today's practice, so his absence was a last minute call. At the start of his press conference today, head coach Kyle Shanahan said that the only player slated to sit out practice was pass rusher Dee Ford.

This most likely is the same ankle that he fractured in week nine against the Arizona Cardinals, which kept him out for a few weeks during the regular season. With Kittle out of the lineup, the 49ers' offense took a few steps back. It is only natural that there is a drop off without Kittle who does so much in the offense.

Holding Kittle out of practice is a wise decision. Practicing for him is not a priority, so long as he is available on Sunday where his true value lies. Taking the precautionary approach was the best course of action with Kittle to ensure that he will be good to go when the Green Bay Packers come to town.

Whether or not Kittle will practice tomorrow is unknown, but his status going into the NFC championship becomes intriguing as the week goes along.

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As long as he plays Sunday he can sit out all week on that ankle!