49ers: Is Nick Bosa Remaining Unsigned Alarming?

We are nearing two months since the 2019 NFL draft came to a close. In that time span, we have heard little to no news regarding a deal being struck between 2nd overall pick Nick Bosa and the San Francisco 49ers. Does this lack of traction sound alarming?

2nd overall pick Nick Bosa still remains unsigned with no news of any deal imminent. Bosa has already made headlines when he injured his hamstring on day one of OTAs. With the Summer offseason programs over, the next point of focus is going to be getting a deal done.

Most of the NFL teams have already signed their first round pick, so what is taking the 49ers so long? Or could it be that Nick Bosa is replicating what his older brother Joey did with the Los Angeles Chargers?

All of it is fair questioning, however I would not be worried as of right now. We are still a ways out until training camp from now. Between that and now there is nothing left for the NFL offseason. That is the perfect chance for the 49ers and Bosa to strike a deal.

Nick Bosa remaining unsigned should only be an issue if he still has no deal come training camp. At that point, the plethora of questions as to why there is a hold up will come into play.

Even though his brother Joey held out with the Chargers, the two situations are vastly different. The San Francisco 49ers are not a dysfunctional franchise or at least do not have a dysfunctional owner and front office.

The Chargers were trying to nickel and dime Joey Bosa, thus it caused him to miss a quarter of his rookie season and more.

With Nick Bosa, I'd expect this issue to be resolved within the month. There is no football to look forward, so there is plenty of time to get something worked out. Not to mention that five out of the top six picks from the 2019 NFL draft remain unsigned. This is the status quo right now, so the 49ers and Nick Bosa will be just fine.