49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo Credits Scout Team for Keeping the Starters Prepared

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Winning five games in a row is never a coincidence or a fluke in this league. For the San Francisco 49ers, being able to accomplish such a feat gives credence to the coaching and talent on the team.

The preparation that goes on every week for these players and coaches is immense. You don't start out 5-0 without working hard for it. They study film, devise game plans and correct previous mistakes in practice. However, these factors are not the only reason why the 49ers are so very well prepared.

The scout teams of the 49ers during practice deserve some credit for the preparation during the week.

When asked how important the scout team is to their preparation every week, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo answered:

“Oh, it’s huge. Just the different looks they give us up front, secondary, disguises, all that stuff. Those guys don’t get enough credit for it. I did my fair share of scout team stuff with the Patriots, but it’s so important to get the good look in and know what you’re going into the game expecting.”

Fill in right tackle Daniel Brunskill made his debut start for the 49ers last Sunday and he credited the scout team for getting him ready for their matchup with the Rams. It starts to become a bit more clear why Justin Skule is also performing well.

The scout team are mirroring opposing defense's to the last detail. It's why we see the 49ers look so prepared and calm when they take the field on game day. This is due to the great deciphering skills of the coaching staff to get the scout team in the right setup.

From there it is on the players to replicate as best as they can so that there are no surprises for the starters when the game starts. Clearly they have been doing a fine tuned job at doing so. The fact that the scout team is able to execute everything at such a microscopic detailed level just shows how elite the 49ers are. 

From top to bottom, they are a well-rounded talented group who poised to make a run. Everyone on the team is making contributions, even the scout team. It is the little things like execution from the scout team that separates the elite teams from the good teams.

Elite teams handle their business with low-tier opponents, which is what the Washington Redskins are. The San Francisco 49ers will look to improve to 6-0 Sunday when they head to the nation's capital. It is a win that they should have and will once again be proponent of the stellar preparation of this team.

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Would have never thought of a scout team being credited, but it makes sense. If they give the starters poor looks, then they won't be optimally ready for game time.