49ers Nick Bosa Opens 2nd in 2020 Defensive Player of Year Odds

Jose Luis Sanchez III

A major factor as to why the San Francisco 49ers defense was so elite in 2019 was due to the consistent dominating performance from rookie defensive end Nick Bosa. Even though it was his first year in the league, he sure didn't act like it as he was practically in every top stat category for a pass rusher. 

Pro Football Focus graded Bosa as the third-best edge rusher in the entire league. No other rookie defensive player even came close to that level.

That is why Bosa earned 2019 Rookie Defensive Player of the Year honors.  Now that he is entering his second-year, Bosa will have a chance at staking his claim to the league-wide title. According to BetOnline.ag, Bosa has the second best odds (9/1) to win the Defensive Players of the Year award in 2020.

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald is the clear favorite to win the award with 7/1 odds. Being listed behind Donald should be considered a massive compliment for Bosa. He is barely about to enter year two of his NFL career and he is already being considered as a top candidate to win the Defensive Player of the Year award.

This actually should not come as a surprise. Bosa was a human wrecking ball last season. Opposing offenses constantly needed to double-team him or chip him at the line just to slow him down. That is almost unheard of for a rookie pass rusher. Yet, Bosa's massive impact could not be overlooked. 

There was even a point during 2019 season where Bosa was a legitimate candidate for Defensive Player of the Year. That is how elite he was last season. 

Did I also mention he was a rookie? 

Its just insane how elite he already is and he only has one-year under his belt. Entering 2020 should be another stellar season for Bosa and the 49ers defense. Anger and pain from losing Super Bowl LIV is sure to fuel Bosa for the upcoming season. I sure do not want to be an opposing offensive tackle that has to go up against an angry Bosa.

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It has to be a surreal feeling for Bosa being compared and listed behind Donald but it's no surprise to the fans. He was so dominant last season, I can't wait to watch him this season.


RUN THE FRICKIN BALL sbanny when your leading the SUPERBOWL with 7 minutes left, im sure your dad was SICK TO HIS STOMACH watching his kid NOT RUNNING THE BALL


Still feel bad for Bosa who busted his ass to watch Shanahan give the SUPERBOW away like he did with Atlanta