49ers Preseason: Why there is a positive takeaway from the injuries on the team

Jose Luis Sanchez III

It’s a new year, same story for the San Francisco 49ers when it comes to their injuries. This time last year the red and gold was dealing with a fair share of injuries. That trend has not dwindled by any stretch as the domino effect of injuries continued once again with notable players like Nick Bosa, Dee Ford and Jason Verrett sustaining them. Injuries are always viewed as negatively for obvious reasons, especially long-term ones.

However, in the case of the San Francisco 49ers there is one positive to takeaway from the injuries on the team.

At least in regards of those who’s injuries are forcing them to miss the preseason because those are mostly being viewed as short-term (Verrett, Bosa, Ford, etc.). The positive takeaway is that the players that sit behind Nick Bosa and Dee Ford or even Jason Verrett and Jerick McKinnon. Those players get to receive plenty of reps in practice and playing time in the preseason. It allows these players to speed up their development and find themselves a role on the team.

The coaching staff can learn more about these players as opposed to if the injured star players were participating. Having players like Bosa and Ford play right now is pointless anyways. There is literally no gain for them to be out there. It behooves the 49ers to play their depth and young players, especially when it comes to defensive end.

Outside of Bosa and Ford there is no one at that position. It's the same old story that it has been over the last two years for the 49ers. Interior defensive lineman that play out of position on the edge.

The depth at edge rusher is severely lacking, which makes limiting those players workload throughout the week crucial. At least with their absence from the preseason, they can get some tread on the tires of players like Kentavius Street and company.

That way when it comes time in the game to shuffle players out they won’t be terribly out of place. Injuries are never a good thing in sports, but in this case for the 49ers its a double edged sword. Sure it forces them to sit their ailing players, but it can evolve some of their positions into quality depth.

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I hope we don’t get anymore serious Injuries


Good point. Thankfully these injuries aren't that serious.