49ers Will not be Overlooking Lowly Lions

The Lions will be the first test for the San Francisco 49ers in their long journey toward the playoffs.
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49ers football is finally back this Sunday.

The Lions will be the first test for San Francisco in its long journey toward the playoffs.

Detroit is not a really impressive team. Let’s just call them what they are: porous. The Lions have a “four win” record written all over them. Their talent is minimal at best. It is nothing for the 49ers to stress over.

However, high-level teams overlooking the low ones end up losing. The 49ers must not play down to the Lions’ level and manage their own game. This is a trap that Kyle Shanahan is sure the 49ers will not do by overlooking the lowly Lions.

“I don't feel that from our team,” said Shanahan on potentially overlooking Detroit. “Our guys are ready to play and I think our guys understand how this league works. Favorites, all that stuff, what's on paper has nothing to do with anything. This is a very tough game and if you don't come and play your best or expect to have to play your best, not only will you lose, but you get embarrassed very quick. And I know there's some real good players over there. I know there's some really good coaches. And I know they're going to come out firing and I do not expect us to surprise us.”

I believe the 49ers should and will be dominating the Lions by the time they go into halftime. This is not a team that should be giving them issues outside of a couple of drives. And I give the Lions a couple of drives to give the 49ers fits because Week 1 is a game every team has circled. They’ve been mentally preparing for each other for months, so a couple of drives will look of substance. Other than that, the 49ers should be able to curb stomp them.

However, looking down on a Week 1 opponent happened last year with the 49ers against the Cardinals. 

They came out firing in the first-quarter and it looked like it would be a blowout. The Cardinals had other plans. It was as if the 49ers didn’t take them seriously. They cannot afford to downplay the Lions no matter if they are a bottom feeding team or not. The only real way this game becomes close is if the 49ers shoot themselves in the foot. It can happen through some errant stretches by Jimmy Garoppolo, turnovers, or defensive blunders. 

Either way, a lot of factors need to come into play for the 49ers to suffer a loss or even make it close. This is a game that I fully expect the 49ers to eviscerate the Lions in a 41-16 win.