49ers Won't Defeat Rams Without Deebo Samuel and Raheem Mostert

Samuel and Mostert are not locks to return, but for the 49ers' sake, they should hope they do.
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Reinforcements appear to be on the way for the 49ers in the form of Deebo Samuel and Raheem Mostert.

Their looming return comes at a critical time with their Week 12 matchup against the Rams. The 49ers needs all hands on deck to start reeling off wins. Otherwise, they can kiss any hopes of making the playoffs goodbye.

Samuel and Mostert are not locks to return, but for the 49ers' sake, they should hope they do. San Francisco will not be able to defeat the Rams without these two star players.

The Rams are playing much better football than they did in their Week 6 game with the 49ers. Not to mention that they will have a favorable matchup against a backup quarterback in Nick Mullens. That is why Samuel and Mostert are needed for this game. Mullens needs as many high-level talents at his disposal to make this game an easier one for him.

It isn't just the face-value production that he will get out of these two, but their aid in pass protection. Aaron Donald is not going to be completely shutout again, especially not with another reshuffled offensive line for the 49ers. This is a prime game for Donald to expose each and every player on the offensive line. With Samuel and Mostert, Kyle Shanahan will be better setup to draw up quick outlets.

The Rams' defense will not be able to key in on one player if these two return. Brandon Aiyuk, Jordan Reed, Kendrick Bourne and even Richie James Jr. are all viable quick release throws for the 49ers. All Shanahan needs to do is throw a flurry of these plays at the Rams' defense to keep them on their heels. The Rams will be forced to guess and Donald will be diminished as a pass rusher with the ball being released quickly.

However, the 49ers can only accomplish this with Samuel and Mostert. 

It is a numbers game and the Rams cannot account for everyone. They do not have any adequate defensive players outside of Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and Michael Brockers. With a full arsenal of talent, Mullens will have a strong chance to close this game out for the 49ers.