Could the 49ers Draft a Running Back Early?

The 49ers have plenty of needs outside of quarterback.
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The 49ers have plenty of needs outside of quarterback.

Using the second- and third-round picks will be their chance to add immediate contributing players. Cornerback and interior offensive linemen are the ideal targets, but there is a chance the 49ers do not go that route.

I would not rule out a scenario where the 49ers end up drafting a running back on Day 2. It wouldn't be the first time that they have invested high draft capital into the position. 

The only awkward part is that it has never worked out for them. Almost any undrafted free agent running back or drifter in the league works out superbly in Kyle Shanahan's offense. Yet, I still wouldn't put it past him to want some young legs at the position.

Could the 49ers draft a running back early?


If the 49ers ended up using their 43rd pick on top prospective running back, such as a Najee Harris should he fall, then it would not surprise me. I am not big on drafting a running back early, especially in the first two rounds of the draft, but I wouldn't necessarily hate it if the 49ers did this. 

Drafting someone such as Harris, or even UNC's Michael Carter who can catch out of the backfield, wouldn't be a slanderous decision. Now the 49ers would still be severely lacking when it comes to cornerback and the interior offensive line, so it is definitely a huge risk.

I think the only way to come to grips with the 49ers taking a running back is if he is an absolute stud or if the 49ers find a way to make their lacking positions sufficient.

Taking a running back early could always come back to haunt them.