Did the 49ers do Enough in the Draft?

Should they have drafted a defensive back?

Addressing the holes left by Emmanuel Sanders and DeForest Buckner were among the top priorities in the draft for the 49ers.

It wasn't going to be easy, considering the majority of the 49ers' picks were back-loaded. That still didn't stop the 49ers from being able to reel in a couple of top-notch players in Javon Kinlaw and Brandon Aiyuk in the first-round.

To my surprise, the 49ers took off Day 2 of the draft instead of attempting to trade back in. They used Day 3 to fill some depth at tight end and interior offensive line.

However, the Niners failed to even acknowledge the secondary in the draft. That is an area of the team that is widely overlooked. Ten of 17 defensive backs are slated to play on expiring deals in 2020. Six of them were key contributors in 2019.

Rather than trade up for Aiyuk, the 49ers could have stayed put with the capital they gave up and used that to get back into day two. That is where they could have addressed the secondary. Or even a more polished interior offensive lineman, because that was the Achilles heel of the team.

To a certain extent, the 49ers left the dinner table with food still left on their plate. It begs the question to ask: did the 49ers do enough in the draft?


The secondary is a pressing need, there is no doubt about that. But it isn't a critical one in the short-term. Some players are going to get re-signed after the season, while others will either price themselves out or play their way off the team. 

Free agency is another route the 49ers will likely take. The 2021 draft also is an option, but considering Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch's draft history, I wouldn't hold my breath.

2020 is setup beautifully for the 49ers, and a big reason why is thanks to their draft haul. They accomplished what they needed to do, which was fill the voids left by Sanders and Buckner. Even Joe Staley's void was instantly filled by Pro Bowl tackle Trent Williams following his retirement. 

The 49ers knocked out three needs with quality talent. Not many teams are able to find that type of success or satisfaction following the draft. 

Could the 49ers have done more? 

Sure, but hindsight is 20/20. The reality is that addressing everything in the draft is a fantasy. The fact that the Niners were able to do some damage in the draft shows how sharp their vision is. They have laid it out so that 2020 can keep them in Super Bowl contention as well as maintaining long-term success.