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Did the 49ers Give up too Much for the Third Pick?

The San Francisco 49ers are surrendering their 2021, 2022, and 2023 first-round picks to get to third in the draft this year.

The Jimmy Garoppolo speculation is finally over.

Quarterback rumors were officially put to bed when the 49ers traded with the Dolphins for the third pick. Now the 49ers are set to select their franchise quarterback and end the Garoppolo era. It was a move that took a huge swing for the fences by the 49ers.

In fact, one could argue that the 49ers gave up a ton to move from 12th to third. The 49ers are surrendering their 2021, 2022, and 2023 first-round picks to get to No. 3 this year. They also threw in a 2022 compensatory third-round pick that was awarded to the 49ers due to Robert Saleh taking the head coach job with the Jets.

Giving up the third-rounder is irrelevant as well as this year's first since it is a swap of picks. But the 49ers have basically surrendered their future by trading away their firsts for the next two seasons. It is a move that could hurt the 49ers for the foreseeable future.

So did the 49ers give up too much for the third pick?

Not at all.

What the 49ers gave up, it certainly was a haul to get to third. This move does hurt the 49ers, but that is the point. It is a gamble for a reason and I fully applaud them for such a move. This is the cost of doing business. The 49ers are poised to take a top prospective quarterback. If they can turn that rookie into a Pro Bowl caliber player within his rookie deal, then the trade up to third is moot. 

You cannot expect a team to have trades where they reap all of the benefits. That only worked when former Texans head coach Bill O'Brien was dealing. 

The conservative and calculated risks had to end for the 49ers. They needed to step out of their comfort zone if they wanted to compete with the Rams. It does not matter how much the 49ers have been owing them. The Rams are undoubtedly a significant threat to the 49ers now more than ever before considering they have Matthew Stafford. 

This is why they made the move up to No. 3. San Francisco could not have long-term success with Garoppolo. He is just too fragile. Kyle Shanahan understands that he needs a cost-controlled rookie he can develop, while also being allowed the freedom to build the perfect team around him. That is the only way to stay ahead of the Rams, Seahawks and Cardinals.

The 49ers ignored the quarterback position once in 2017 and look how poorly that decision paid off. Yes, they got to a Super Bowl in 2019, but ultimately the loss came down to the deficiencies of their quarterback.

Taking a swing on the most impactful position in football should never be frowned upon. Those two first-round picks surrendered in 2022 and 2023 will mean nothing if the 49ers are continually in the playoffs.