Evaluating both sides of Raheem Mostert's Trade Request

Leo Luna

For the first time since Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers are dealing with a trade request.

On Wednesday afternoon Raheem Mostert’s agent released a statement on their request to be traded via twitter.

This comes after less than a week ago when Mostert’s salary increase request was reported nationally.

There’s no doubt that Raheem Mostert deserves the amount of money that he is asking for. The reported amount is only an additional $1.4-million to match the salary of Tevin Coleman, who is the 49ers highest-paid running back. San Francisco sits at just over $12-million in salary cap space. They can afford it.

The 49ers already shipped off Matt Breida during the 2020 draft. Breida averaged 5 yards per carry in three seasons under head coach Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers really need Mostert after that transaction.

Here’s why.

It’s hard to get a true clarity of yards per carry when a running back only rushes the ball less than 10 times in a game. As it stands, the top two running backs are Coleman and Mostert. Below is a chart of the production of when they rushed the ball a minimum of 10 times per game. 

There’s been a narrative that Mostert only shined in the second half of the season. How about we break up the season into quarters and see how many times the 2019 running backs rushed over 200 yards in those quarters.

Those two previous graphics show how Mostert is definitely an upgrade over Coleman and Breida without just displaying the season total yards per carry that some like to dismiss due to the number of carries. There’s a reason Shanahan went with the “special teamer” in the first place.

Now looking at it from the 49ers perspective, they just made Mostert the highest-paid special teamer in the NFL the past offseason, with playing time and rushing incentives added into the deal.

Yes, Mostert requested a trade, but the 49ers don’t have to grant that wish. Mostert has no leverage to sit out and miss games. He’s 28-years old and almost set to make the amount of money this season as he has accumulated in his career.

Paying Mostert could open flood gates that the 49ers most certainly do not want to open. Next, it could be Fred Warner asking for Kwon Alexander money or Emmanuel Moseley asking for Ahkello Witherspoon money.

The Shanahan zone running scheme is very effective and can make running backs look like stars. But, should I dare to bring up Carlos Hyde and his 3.9 yards per carry in 2017 or Alfred Morris and his 3.9 yards per carry in 2018? I’m confident the 49ers would much rather have Mostert than settling for more 3.9 guys.

As it sits right now, Mostert should get paid his $1.4-million right now.

But will he?

No, there’s no reason for San Francisco to budge and there’s no concern for Mostert to sit out. His agent going public was a desperate effort in hopes of scaring the 49ers. 

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Coleman can and has been used as the hammer to wear defenses some to make Mostert's speed more effective. Part of Coleman's job is to be a "hammer". Can Mostert do Coleman's job? Prob not. This really looks like a desperate move by an agent who made a mistake last year in not negotiating enough incentives when Mostert signed the contract just last year. Why would the 49ers want to set a precedent for future players wanting to renegotiate after signing a new contract just last year?


We didn’t get the 2nd ranked rushing offense in the league since Shanahan had a RB like Mostert. It would be foolish to not pay Mostert the small raise he earned by scoring 15 touchdowns last year and leading the NFL in YPC. It’s not like he’s asking for Zeke Elliot money. He wants Tevin Coleman money. Coleman and his 4 YPC in this offense can easily be replaced. Mostert and his 5.6 YPC can’t.