Fantasy Football: Stay Away From Raheem Mostert

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Raheem Mostert's future is a little blurry at this current moment. 

Ever since his agent Brett Tessler announced their request to be traded from the San Francisco 49ers, projecting his 2020 season is now a variable. I'm not saying Mostert won't have a good season, but as of now it is difficult to tell which pathway his career will take. 

Having that blurriness is why you need to stay away from him in fantasy football. 

The worst thing you can do in a fantasy draft is invest in a player who has so many question marks. That will cause you so much overthinking when you set up your lineup or whether you want to keep a player on your roster.

Mostert could be traded, which means he probably won't have the same productivity as he did with the 49ers. He's never been able to produce or make an impact anywhere close to his 2019 season. So why risk drafting him when his resume is against him?

Mostert could end up being retained and end up falling out favor due to his request to be traded, which is actually something that can play out. Players fall out of favor with head coach Kyle Shanahan all the time. He could very well try to phase out Mostert and give more snaps to other running backs such as Jeff Wilson Jr. 

Don't forget Jerick McKinnon, either. The 49ers gave him $18 million and he hasn't even taken a regular season snap. Shanahan is going to want to finally get some return on investment from McKinnon and give him a nice portion of snaps.

These are all of the factors that makes it convincing to stay away from Mostert.

The only real time to consider drafting him in fantasy football is near the end of the draft. Otherwise, you are just wasting your precious draft capital on a guy who you are going to constantly question, "Should I start or sit him?" 

And that will always drive you away from the fantasy football championship.

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Really disappointed that he is leaving the 49ers but I also totally understand why. I agree that he is not someone to draft this year in fantasy but hopefully he does well whether he stays or leaves.


Shanahan definitely has his favorites and for some strange reason Tevin Coleman is one of them. The fact that Mostert didn’t even start over him in the Super Bowl after he ran for 220 yards and 4 TDs tells you everything you need to know. I wouldn’t draft Mostert this year unless he went to a team like the Bucs or the Chiefs were you know his speed could be a real asset. It’s sad because I was expecting a big year from Mostert and now it looks like his days as a 49er are over.