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Five Players the 49ers Should Target in the Second Round

The 49ers just need to get an impactful player. Here are five players the 49ers should target in the second round.

Quarterback was always going to be the 49ers' first draft selection.

What is unclear is what the next position of focus will be for them when the second round of the draft rolls around. Cornerback is the most glaring since it lacks depths. You could also argue for the interior offensive line and wide receiver. The 49ers just need to get an impactful player.

Here are five players the 49ers should target in the second-round.

Elijah Moore, WR

Elijah Moore has been one of my favorite Day 2 targets for the 49ers. Wide receiver may not be an immediate need of the 49ers, but there is actually one there. Deebo Samuel has proven to be a fragile player. It is never a matter of if, but when he will get injured. Once he falls, then all the 49ers have is Brandon Aiyuk. Moore will help add depth and fill the hole left by Kendrick Bourne.

Moore is a sweet talent who has some aggressiveness to his game. If there is a prototypical trait for a receiver for Kyle Shanahan it is aggression. His receivers cannot be afraid of contact. Plus, he excels from the slot, which is what the 49ers really need right now from a wide receiver. According to Pro Football Focus, Moore caught 73 percent of his contested catch opportunities en route to a 1,193 yard season.

Terrace Marshall, WR

To continue the slot wide receiver theme going is LSU's Terrace Marshall. It is not easy to replace a Justin Jefferson, but Marshall filled in nicely. In his final two seasons at LSU, Marshall had 94 receptions for 1,402 yards and 23 touchdowns. The guy just produces, which is what makes him enticing at pick 43.

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Marshall has a strong frame for a wide receiver at at 6-foot-3, 205-pounds. He ran a 4.38-second 40-yard dash at his pro day. Marshall's biggest concern is his injury history as there was some "medical stuff" that emerged in his background, per Daniel Jerimiah of NFL Network. Still, it would not be the first time the 49ers overlooked injury history. Marshall being 20-years old right now could be something they like to pair with their newly drafted 20-year old quarterback as the two can develop together.

Tyson Campbell, CB

Breaking the mold of wide receiver is Georgia cornerback Tyson Campbell. The 49ers desperately need a corner. If Verrett were to go down with an injury, which is very plausible scenario, then the position becomes a walking target. Campbell as the 43rd pick for the 49ers would be a solid selection. 

He has nice size for a corner at 6-foot-2, 185-pounds and can play press coverage pretty well. Given the receivers in the NFC West, the 49ers need this type of physique in a corner. He doesn't open up early and does solid moving receivers off of their route. Cover-1 and Cover-3 were his predominant coverages with Georgia, so Campbell would fit like glove. 

Asante Samuel Jr., CB

Short corners are more prone to getting picked on by bigger elite wide receivers. However, Asante Samuel Jr. is too tempting of a cornerback to look over at 43. Samuel has that "twitch" that corners need to play the position. You just can't coach that into players. Either you got it or you don't. 

Samuel's twitchiness allows him to stick to his man, so he won't get blown by easily. His overall ball skills add to it to make him be a player that can develop into a playmaker. He is probably not an immediate starter, but is definitely worth the consideration since he can get run with Verrett or even Emmanuel Moseley sustaining injury.

Rondale Moore, WR

I keep mentioning wide receiver because in the second round, that is generally where they are the most valuable. As I stated earlier, physical wide receivers is a favorite trait to find for Shanahan. Moore broke 33 tackles his freshman year in 2018, which lead all of college football, to demonstrate his physicality.

The guy just knows how to get yards with the ball in his hands, so that is definitely something that could catch the eye of Shanahan. What would make the 49ers hesitant is his injury history. He could be viewed as another Deebo Samuel who is overly physical to the point that he gets hurt all the time. Still, it is tough to deny a talent like this.