Four 49ers Land on NFL All-Decade Team

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Monday, the NFL released its choices for the the league’s all-decade team. The Pro Football Hall of Fame provided a 48-member selection panel to select 52 players and two head coaches as the best at their positions from 2010 to 2019. 

Four 49ers were able to land on that team. Running back Frank Gore, offensive tackle Joe Staley, linebacker Patrick Willis and cornerback Richard Sherman were named to the NFL 2010s All-Decade team. 

To have four players from the team land on this list is quite the honor. Of course, Sherman spent the vast majority of his time with the Seattle Seahawks, but he still finished the decade significantly strong with the Niners.

When it comes to Gore, Staley and Willis, these three players are practically etched in 49er lore. All three are easily among fan favorites after their contributions to the team, especially after their four-year run from 2011-2014. 

Willis would then retired soon after in 2015 citing concerns to his health in the long run. With him, it will always be "what could have been" since he was still at the peak of his career. Gore and Staley are still going strong in the league, proving that age is just a number. 

The fact that Gore is able to move forward as a running back and perform well is astonishing. Running backs do not have as long of a career nor do they play this good at his age. It is just another reason why he is bound for the Hall of Fame.

The last decade for the San Francisco 49ers was quite the ride. Two Super Bowl appearances can be accredited to the team with a bunch of remarkable talent. That talent has been recognized for their valiant performance over the last decade. Now the franchise will aim to make this upcoming decade in the 2020s a memorable one.

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Lets be honest. Sherman got in to the all decade team for his play with Seattle not for what he has done with the 49ers.


If Frank Gore isn't a first ballad hall of famer.... I mean, I am fully expecting him not to be since Willis didn't get in. Always the short end of the stick.

PWillis Is a HOF
PWillis Is a HOF

So they add him to this team, yet he was denied into the actual hall of fame... makes sense if you don't think about it.