How Jimmy Garoppolo Prioritizes the 49ers Ahead of Himself

Jimmy Garoppolo is a "team first" guy and should be commended as such. He continues to prioritize the San Francisco 49ers ahead of himself.
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The 49ers will be replacing Jimmy Garoppolo with the third pick.

Whether he stays on the roster for the 2021 season remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, the 49ers would not be in such a prime position to trade up from No. 12 to No. 3 if it wasn't for Garoppolo.

Garoppolo is a "team first" guy and should be commended as such. He continues to prioritize the 49ers ahead of himself.

Look no further than how the 2020 season went for him. When he injured his ankle a second time, his season at that point had come to a close. Quite interesting how Garoppolo could not return from a high-ankle sprain as opposed to a foot fracture that George Kittle suffered. 

That is not a knock on Garoppolo. In fact, it is a perfect example as to how much of a team player he is. Rather than tough it out for the team that pays him loads of money and help his teammates out, he decided to take the safe route and remain in the press box.

Because of that, the 49ers would go on to lose almost every game going forward. Had Garoppolo toughened it out, the 49ers likely make the playoffs and are not in a position to draft their future franchise quarterback. So the 49ers should feel grateful to Garoppolo. Not only did he incidentally deliver the 49ers Nick Bosa when he tore his ACL in 2018, but he is now giving the 49ers his replacement. 

If the 49ers do not finish with the 12th pick, then it is unlikely they are able to move up with Miami, who then used that pick to move up to sixth with the Eagles. Garoppolo continues to put the 49ers ahead of himself. No other quarterback could relate to his contributions. 

Don't forget that he also salvaged some trade value by remaining in the luxury suite to heal up. That way the 49ers aren't shopping him off as damaged goods, even though he will likely end up getting injured again anyways.

When it comes to a "team first" guy, there is no one like Garoppolo. Thanks to him, the 49ers will be able to have exciting quarterback play for the first time since Colin Kaepernick.