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How Kyle Shanahan Views the Impact Christian McCaffrey is Making

Christian McCaffrey is a phenomenal player on the field, but his impact with the 49ers goes beyond that.

Christian McCaffrey has been a joy to have for the 49ers.

Once he finally got embedded into the playbook in a desperately needed win, McCaffrey put the 49ers on his back to destroy the Rams. And while he didn't go off in the last game against the Chargers, the impact he makes on the offense is as clear as day.

But McCaffrey is making more than just an on-field impact for the 49ers. His presence is felt in every facet of the team and they are benefiting greatly from it. Kyle Shanahan gave his thoughts on how McCaffrey is making an impact away from the field.

“I think more just by example," said Shanahan. "Christian has had a lot of success everywhere he has been before he came here. I think everyone's very well aware of who he is and I think to see his work ethic, to see how detailed he is in every rep he takes, how he is in walkthroughs, how he is in the meeting rooms and he acts like he's a practice squad guy just trying to earn a job and I think he's always been that way and that's the coolest way to lead, by example.” 

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When the 49ers acquired McCaffrey, they were in a stagnant spot offensively. Deebo Samuel wasn't generating big plays like last year, George Kittle is more of a blocker, and the running game was a bit inconsistent. With McCaffrey, he aids all of that in production, but I think he also gets a lot of the tenured players amped up. 

It is like when you get a new phone after having the same old one for a while. The 49ers got that new presence, an elite one, that can get them revved up. It's kind of like how 49ers fans feel when McCaffrey was brought on. The players feel it relatively close too. Reporters who covered the team said the energy in the locker room with McCaffrey is more electric once he arrived. How can players not feel excited for having their team improved?

The 49ers are 2-0 with McCaffrey firm footed in the offense now and that is by no coincidence. His impact both on and off the field is making the trade look better.