Jadeveon Clowney Returning to the Seahawks are "Slim to None"

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Week 10 was the first time in the 2019 regular season that the San Francisco 49ers had suffered a loss. Worst of all, it came at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. One of the main reasons for that loss was the dominant performance of pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney.

The Seahawks acquired Clowney from the Houston Texans, which only costed them a couple of depth players and a third-round draft pick. It was quite the steal on Seattle's end who were in desperate need of a legitimate edge rushing talent.

However, that trade is looking like it will end up as a one-year rental for the Seahawks. According to Mike Garofolo of NFL Network, the chances of Clowney re-signing with the Seahawks are "slim to none."

"I don't know if he's going to be back in Seattle," Garafolo said in a Seattle radio interview with 950 KJR. "The chances are slim to none."  

Clowney is still currently an unrestricted free agent. His asking price was reportedly to be that of $20 million or more. Clearly, that is a number that no one in the league is willing to cough up for him. That is why Clowney has reportedly lowered his asking price to $17 or $18 million annually. Unfortunately for him, the team that knows him best might be ready to move on.

Garofolo also goes on to say that the Seahawks "aren't actively chasing Clowney", which just fuels this scenario. Having Clowney out of the NFC West is great news for the 49ers. There is nothing better than when a division opponent loses an excellent pass rushing talent like Clowney. The best part about Clowney's indecision is that the Seahawks lost out on all of the top-tier pass rushing free agents.

While they were awaiting a decision from him, they let talents like Robert Quinn and Dante Fowler Jr. find other destinations. That is why Seattle was forced to sign familiar faces in Bruce Irvin and Benson Mayowa. As it currently stands, the Seahawks have just over $14 million in salary-cap space per SpotTrac. That isn't enough space to land Clowney at the price range he is asking. 

If Clowney does in fact sign with another team, then perhaps the 49ers owe him a thank you card for keeping the Seahawks in a stalemate. There defense will definitely see, at the very least, a bit of drop off next season. But as long as they have Russell Wilson, the Seahawks will always be deemed as a threat. 

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It is going to be very interesting to see where he will land. As you pointed out teams are just not willing to give him that type of money after a good but not great past couple seasons. Last that I had heard the Hawks were still in contention but the chances of him moving East are a lot more likely.