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Jaquiski Tartt Played a Large Role in the 49ers' Win Over the Packers

Jaquiski Tartt was THE top performer in the 49ers' win over the Packers.


Simply incredible.

That is all I kept saying over and over again regarding the performance of the 49ers' defense. Special teams may have won it for the 49ers, but it was the defense that performed superbly from start to finish. They do not win that game if not for their elite showing.

Speaking of elite showing, how about the performance of Jaquiski Tartt?

Tartt played a large role in the 49ers' win over the Packers.

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A standout play that I am sure is getting overlooked from the win, which is understandable, is the chase down tackle he had on Aaron Jones. Jimmie Ward uncharacteristically had a lapse in coverage that allowed Jones to run deep along the sideline wide open. 

Scoring a touchdown looked like a guarantee as Jones had nothing but green grass ahead of him. Little did Jones know that Tartt has the closing speed to save a touchdown. And because of that tackle, it gave the 49ers a chance to fend the Packers and limit them to a field goal. A field goal that would end up being blocked by Ward.

If Tartt doesn't get that chase down tackle on Jones, the 49ers winning becomes a scarce chance. I would have been hard pressed to believe they could win if they allowed that touchdown. So Tartt deserves a ton of praise for not giving up on the play. He came from the opposite side of the field get Jones. That was easily a top three play of the game after the blocked punt for a touchdown by Jordan Willis.

Plus, Tartt deserves credit for having excellent shade coverage against Davante Adams. It forced Aaron Rodgers to struggle to find the best receiver in the league. Tartt played his role far and beyond in the win. 

To me, he is THE top performer. Everyone on the defense played great, but he is the one that stands out the most for me given his role and the chase down tackle that saved a touchdown.

Phenomenal performance by Tartt.