Kyle Shanahan Gives Updates on Nick Bosa and Dee Ford

One of the more notable observations at 49ers OTAs was the absence of players like Nick Bosa and Dee Ford. Kyle Shanahan gave updates on their status.
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The 49ers hosted OTAs Tuesday for the first time with media access.

One of the more notable observations was the absence of players such as Nick Bosa and Dee Ford. Bosa is still recovering and rehabbing from a torn ACL he suffered in Week 2 of the 2020 season, while Ford is working his way from a complex back injury he suffered during training camp.

Kyle Shanahan gave updates on the status of both Bosa and Ford. Here is what he had to say regarding Bosa:

“I’ve been talking to Nick since February on this. He came out to get checked in February and it’s going great. He’s working with his brother and trainer. I just didn’t want to take him off his routine right now."

Shanahan also expects Bosa to be back and fully ready for training camp in July. A great sign that the 49ers will get their best defensive player back. The pass rush took a massive step back in 2020 with Bosa missing in action. The 49ers cannot afford another season without him.

As for Ford, his recovery has been quite the grind and even a bit vague from the 49ers. It has been know that he has constantly been at the facility continuing to recover and better himself. "He’s been putting in a lot of work and it’s going in the right direction,” said Shanahan on Ford. 

The 49ers are expecting Ford to be ready at the start of training camp and to take part in the practice for the first time in a year. Just like with Bosa, this is great news to hear. Bosa and Ford together make for a fantastic duo. Still, I would not get too excited when it comes to Ford. The guy has proven he is made of glass. Chances are that he is going to injure himself again at some point.

Shanahan also gave updates on other players such as Jalen Hurd and Weston Richburg. Shanahan says that Hurd has "done a good job on his ACL rehab" and that he fully expects him ready for training camp. He also confirmed the reports about Richburg retiring, which was all but official today. Richburg is awaiting to make his decision final after June 1 to free up $3.5 million in dead money on the salary cap.