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Kyle Shanahan is not Concerned With Fatigue for the 49ers Going Into Green Bay

Constant travel in the last eight weeks and a shorter week is not something Kyle Shanahan is worried about for the 49ers when they face the Packers.

The 49ers have to face the Packers on a short week.

While it is just one day shorter than usual, it is still something to take into consideration regarding this divisional playoff matchup. That is one day less of rest for the 49ers.

Meanwhile, the Packers have been resting up at home getting ready for the 49ers on their Bye Week. Fatigue could play a factor against the 49ers, especially with all of the traveling. 

This matchup is going to be the 49ers' sixth road game in eight weekends. It wouldn't be impossible for all that travel to catch up to the 49ers considering all of the high intensity games they've been involved in. 

However, Kyle Shanahan is not concerned with fatigue for the 49ers going into Green Bay.

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“I think guys were a little tired at the beginning of the week, but I think we're ready to go," said Shanahan. "I don't mind the traveling, you get a sit in a hotel room a lot more, you get a long plane ride. I mean you rest when you're at home too, but people have families.

"It's harder to just sit there and zone out when you're around your whole family instead of just sitting in a hotel room, so I think our guys get to sleep, we catch up. There's nothing we like more than being at home and being in our own stadium with our fans and the noise, but besides that. We don't mind going on the road either.”

This is the right mindset for Shanahan and the 49ers.

Thinking about all the travel and all the work that is needed to be done is unnecessary. There is no time to be worried about that or to bring it up even if it were true, which I think to a degree it is. I would expect there to be a noticeable difference in the conditioning of the 49ers and Packers should the game be close in the end.

Still, the 49ers must have a strong mind and there is no reason to doubt they won't. Coming as far as they have when they were close to being out of the playoffs shows how resilient they are. Rising up and beyond the feeling of being tired is well within their possibilities. And for this game against the Packers, they are going to need it.

The 49ers are going to need everything to be firm in thought to win this matchup. The Packers are not the Cowboys. Facing them will demand much more, and being mentally strong to fight through fatigue is one of them.