Kyle Shanahan Sees no Reason to Adjust Training Camp in Light of Injuries

Kyle Shanahan says it would be "pretty irresponsible of me and extremely reactionary" if he adjusted training camp based off of injuries.
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And that is a wrap!

The 49ers are done with all of their offseason practices as Kyle Shanahan confirmed at his presser on Wednesday that he has cancelled minicamp. 

The decision to cancel minicamp was not a knee-jerk reaction to the injuries sustained to Justin Skule and Tarvarius Moore on Monday. Shanahan had already decided on cancelling minicamp prior to Monday's practice. All that is left now is to look forward to training camp. 

The 49ers need to do some soul-searching and figure out why these injuries continue to happen. Some change should occur to reduce the likelihood of injuries, but that is not something Shanahan is going to do.

"I think about everything every single day, seven days a week, that's my job to," said Shanahan at his presser. "So we change stuff up a lot, we always do, we're always reevaluating things and doing things like, I'd say, you know, we change every year a little bit, you know, we always learn from stuff but to sit and say we're going to do training camp differently cause someone got hurt getting out of a chair, because someone got hurt on air and a person hurt his knee playing football. This would be pretty irresponsible of me and extremely reactionary. Just try to do what's right for our guys and provide them football. We try to do the safest way as possible."

Shanahan sees no reason to adjust training camp in light of the injuries.

This sounds more like "it was just bad luck" excuse again. Either Shanahan is deflecting everything because he is negligent to what has been going on in recent years or he is hiding a deeper truth to why the injuries occur. Again, this is why questions need to continue to arise regarding the injuries. It shouldn't just be the media, but fans alike must be questioning what is going on. The players need to question why this is happening.

It is not a secret that the 49ers are the most injury plagued team in recent memory. That can't solely be from accident, so for Shanahan to not view any need to make even the slightest adjustment is revealing. 

Perhaps that will change as time passes.