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NFL Power Rankings: 49ers Cemented at No. 3 Entering Playoffs

A high stakes victory did not help the San Francisco 49ers' case to rise in the latest NFL power rankings, but being slotted at No. 3 is still an impressive feat.

The 2019 NFL regular season is officially at it's end.

17 weeks went by in a blink of eye, much like many teams' rise and fall in the NFL power rankings. To hold onto a top spot in the power rankings is an impressive feat. It shows that a team was a consistent and fairly dominant in their games regardless of a win or loss. 

The San Francisco 49ers held onto the No. 1 slot for a little over a month around the middle of the season. That was until they met the Baltimore Ravens in week 13, where they were dethroned. Since then, the Ravens have been the top team in the power rankings all the way until the conclusion of the regular season. 

As for the 49ers, they were slotted at No. 3 last week which is where they are cemented at to finish the regular season in the latest NFL power rankings.

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Defeating the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field, one of the toughest environments to play at, did not do enough for the 49ers to rise up a spot in the rankings. It was a high stakes game in Seattle with all the pressure in the world weighted on the 49ers. Of course, there was a ton of pressure on the Seahawks, but the 49ers were the road team and had not won in Seattle since 2011. 

San Francisco was dominant for the bulk of the game, but leaving the game to chance in what was essentially the final play of the game likely played a part in their cemented rank. As stated previously, the Ravens held onto to the No. 1 spot. But they were not the only team as the New Orleans Saints also held onto to their No. 2 ranking. Rising in the NFL power rankings would have been a nice accomplishment, but I'm sure the 49ers do not mind being No. 3.

It is still a very strong ranking to be a top three team in the league. The only ranking that matters to them at this point is No. 1 in the NFC west and NFC playoff seeding. They clinched both of those top spots with their win on Sunday night. Now the path to the Super Bowl becomes much easier for the 49ers since they will play one less game and have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. 

Not to mention that when the divisional round comes along, the 49ers are expected to get some much added reinforcements. Dee Ford, Mike Person and Jaquiski Tartt are expected to make their returns barring any setback. The 49ers have been an insanely strong team without so many key players for the vast majority of the season. Now they will nearly at full-strength at the most critical moment of their season.

San Francisco has a very good chance to run the table, but they must stay locked in if they want to make the trip to Miami. With the playoffs commencing this weekend, the NFL power rankings will continue for those involved. Will the 49ers continue to ascend? Or will they be a one-and-done team?