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One Overlooked Positive From the 49ers' Victory in Seattle

With all of the celebrations and craziness from last night, it was easy to overlook one positive from the 49ers' victory in Seattle.

NFC west division champions and the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs. Yea, that's a description the San Francisco 49ers can get used to. The celebrations went on throughout the night for the 49ers who are more than deserving of one night to let loose. Winning in Seattle is not an easy thing to accomplish. It revealed a lot about this team and gave positives for the team going forward along with being named division champs.

However, there is one overlooked positive from the 49ers' victory in Seattle.

It is the fact that they did not sustain any injuries to any of their players. That had practically been a given following every game this season. With all of the celebrations going on, it was easy to overlook this positive. Coming away with zero injuries just makes the 49ers' victory that much more sweeter. Tie that in with their first-round bye and now the 49ers look poised at a real run at the Super Bowl. 

San Francisco is expected to get back all of their key players when they go into the divisional round. Players like Dee Ford (hamstring), Jaquiski Tartt (rib fracture) and Mike Person (neck) should be good to go by then. And who knows, Kwon Alexander could potentially be available by then as well. Maybe even D.J. Jones? That is the great part about having a bye for the 49ers. Anything is on the table in terms of players returning and who will be active in the next round.

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Things are finally starting to look upward for the 49ers in terms of their injuries. All season long they have been cursed with injuries. Every NFL team has their share of injuries, but the 49ers were well above the standard amount. It was like the team broke a ton of mirrors prior to the season. Seems like the only way to explain it. 

Nevertheless, the 49ers are bound to get back on track when the divisional round comes around. When this team gets close to full-strength, they are arguably the best team in the league. Winning their week 17 division clinching game against the Seahawks could not have gone more perfectly for the San Francisco 49ers. They became division champs to go along with the top seed and a first-round bye. 

But to come away with no injuries after being so accustomed to it happening puts a cherry on top of it all. Now the 49ers can just focus on the players that are already injured. Getting the first-round bye became that much sweeter for them.