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Outside The Box 49ers First Round Mock Draft

Let’s shake things up a little bit and come up with some fun alternative selections.

The NFL Draft is now fewer than two weeks away, and every mock draft you see shows the 49ers doing the same thing with their selection at No. 3 -- taking a quarterback. Let’s shake things up a little bit and come up with some fun alternative selections. The only requirement for a completely outside the box mock draft is that it needs to be based in some sort of reality. So here it goes.

The moment that Roger Goodell goes to the podium and announces, “With the third selection of Round 1, the San Francisco 49ers select, Kyle Pitts, Tight End, Florida,” the entire draft will be turned upside down and most analysts will be left in shock, however, this is a move that makes complete sense given what the 49ers need.

San Francisco has been looking for a second play making tight end since the end of the 2019 season. That along with the need for a third wide receiver, makes taking the best player available in this draft worth the risk, as Pitts is more than capable of filling both roles.

You may be asking, “Have you forgotten about George Kittle?” Absolutely not. Pitts would be a terrific compliment to Kittle, who is a much better blocker. In addition, the contract extension that Kittle signed last offseason will be set to expire just as Pitts is ready for his second contract.

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With everyone still reeling from the stunning selection at No. 3, most 49ers fans have failed to notice that one of the quarterbacks has started to slide. With the New England Patriots on the clock, Roger Goodell walks up to the podium, “The New England Patriots have traded the fifteenth selection to the San Francisco 49ers. With the fifteenth selection, the San Francisco 49ers select, Mac Jones, quarterback, Alabama.”

To acquire the pick from New England, the 49ers will send Jimmy Garoppolo, along with pick 43 and pick 102 in the 2021 draft.

With this move, Bill Belichick will get back the quarterback that he never wanted to let go, and the 49ers will add the best quarterback available in the draft along with a generational talent for him to throw the ball to.

That’s my totally crazy, out of the box first round mock draft. Let us hear yours.