Over or Under 10.5 wins for the 49ers in 2020?

Jose Luis Sanchez III

The San Francisco 49ers are poised to be Super Bowl contenders once again in 2020. 

And just like last season, the journey to get there will not be easy. The NFC is loaded with top-tier teams that are ready to challenge the 49ers. Repeating a 13-3 record will be tough to achieve for a consecutive season. 

That is why DraftKings sportsbook has set the over/under on wins at 10.5 for them. 

It may seem like they are disrespecting the 49ers by setting a relatively low win total. But it’s actually just a product of how difficult it will be to dominate the NFC. 

Besides, having 10.5 set as a starting point for wins is impressive. The Niners are basically being told that they’re in the playoffs already. 

But will it be over or under 10.5 wins in 2020 to make the playoffs? 

While I wouldn’t necessarily rule out a 10-win season for them, 11 wins or better is practically a lock for the 49ers. Personally, I envision 11 or 12 wins for them next season, assuming health isn’t a major issue again. 

Dropping off a game or two in the win column from last season is not a slight.

Complacency happens to the best teams out there. Just look at how flat the 49ers were against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 15. You can pretty much chalk up one loss on that account. 

Not to mention that the Seattle Seahawks give the Niners a powerful punch. 

Of course, the 49ers could just rip through their opponents again for the vast majority of the season and chalk up 14 wins. Their schedule in 2020 does not compare to the long stretches of travel and difficulty against teams that they had in 2019.

Either way you look at it, San Francisco is in a fantastic position and should be the clear-cut favorite in the NFC. The battles that they will have with the other great teams in the conference and their own division will grant us all a sweet treat. 

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It will be an interesting season with the chances of players getting sick. If everything goes well I would agree with you that the 49ers are going to get 11 or 12. NFC is just too good of a division.


I’m a betting man and I wouldn’t bet on anything this season as far as season projections because of the Covid-19. Not knowing if any of the Niner star players could catch the virus right in the middle of the year. Also we are behind the 8 ball already with Deebo injured and Mostert demanding to be traded. I wouldn’t bet that over/under 10.5. Just bet game to game week by week and see how the season unfolds.