Another defensive tackle of the San Francisco 49ers is set to join the Indianapolis Colts. Sheldon Day has reportedly signed a one-year deal with the Colts to reunite him with DeForest Buckner per Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

The Colts appear to be modeling their defensive line as the 49ers, which is not a bad idea at all. The 49ers arguably had the best defensive front in the league last season as they wrecked havoc every week.

Day was a backup to Buckner who saw his playing time increase significantly once D.J. Jones was placed on injured reserve following a torn ACL. 

His utilization on the defense was on early and obvious run downs. Day's large frame and strength proved useful for the 49ers since they were already running thin at defensive line as the regular season was wrapping up.

With Day set to join the Colts, this now marks the second player that Indianapolis has acquired from the 49ers. The Colts traded their 13th overall pick to the 49ers for Buckner. 

As for the 49ers, they will still look at alternative options at defensive tackle. They locked up D.J. Jones for the 2020 season, but his health is sketchy right now. 

So how will the 49ers decrease the hole left by Buckner? 

They very likely, at least judging by their offseason moves so far, will platoon the position. Filling in the void left by Buckner is outright impossible. Even if the Niners consider drafting Javon Kinlaw with pick No. 13 it still won't be replicated.

Luckily for the 49ers, there are still some cheap free agent options out there that can aid the team's potential idea of a rotation system at nose tackle.