Should the 49ers Name Jason Verrett a Starter Against the Giants?

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Ahkello Witherspoon could be one-and-done as the San Francisco 49ers' No. 2 cornerback. 

Jason Verrett has been a full participant this week at practice and is expected to be active for Sunday's Week 3 matchup against the New York Giants.

“So, JV, he’s full-go, full participation," said defensive coordinator Robert Saleh at his presser on Thursday. "He's been getting good reps. He looks really good. He feels really good. He's saying all the right things. His vibe has been awesome. I’ve got to go in and watch the tape to see how today's practice was exactly for him and obviously talk to Kyle about what the choices are and options are with regards to him on game day, but he looks good. If he can continue stacking up days, it'll be a matter of time before he gets his opportunity.”

The "matter of time" that Saleh is referring to could very well be Sunday. The 49ers did everything they could in training camp to have Verrett be setup as the No. 3 cornerback behind Richard Sherman and Emmanuel Moseley. It wasn't until he got injured that allowed Witherspoon to step back into the fold.

But now that Verrett is healthy again, the 49ers could feel compelled to start him.

So should the 49ers name Verrett as the starter against the Giants?

I fully expect them to, but do not believe they should.

Starting Verrett is always a risk because he is the most injury prone player on the team next to Jordan Reed. Rolling him out on the MetLife field turf seems like a huge gamble given what the 49ers just suffered last week against the Jets.

Even if the field were not an issue, Verrett should not supplant Witherspoon, at least not yet. 

Witherspoon didn't have himself a good game last week, but he also didn't have a bad game. Yes, he gave up the last score to the Jets, but that was a point where the game was out of reach and it was on a scramble play. Anytime a play turns into backyard football, a cornerback is almost always at a disadvantage.

Still, I am sure that play is going to bug Witherspoon because I still do not see him playing with confidence. He most likely will never get it again and could benefit from a change of scenery. But until he gives the 49ers a true compelling reason to pull him, like giving up plays again, then he should remain as the starter.

Either way, I think it isn't question on IF Verrett will start, but WHEN? 

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