Should the 49ers sit Jimmy Garoppolo for the entire preseason?

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Now that the rookie contracts of Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel have been finalized. All the eyes can be pointed towards the health of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. It's no shock that Garoppolo will be a full participant for training camp since he and the coaching staff have been saying that he will be 100% by then

However, what may be a bit of a surprise to some is that the 49ers will holdout Garoppolo out of the first game of the preseason against the Dallas Cowboys. It's not really a big deal since the first week of the preseason usually just has the starters go for a series or two. Week two and three is where the real action starts to pick up for the starters.

The 49ers may have Garoppolo play in week two and three, but it's really all up in the air. You can never bee too cautious when handling with a torn ACL injury. With that said should the 49ers sit Jimmy Garoppolo for the entire preseason?

No, Jimmy Garoppolo absolutely must play in week two and three of the preseason. He has missed so much time that it would be crazy to just throw him in week one of the regular season. It has been 10 months since Garoppolo has played in an NFL game and the preseason is just the right solution to ease him back.

That's pretty much what preseason is for anyways. For players to ease back into the thick of things, along with those fighting for a roster spot and the rookies. Of course, there will be those who are paranoid that Garoppolo will injure himself again. I understand why some may feel that way, but it is not the right approach for him.

Letting Garoppolo get back into the thick of things and allow him to get into game speed again will be so beneficial. Otherwise, the other side of the spectrum will criticize his rust if he is performing poorly the first couple of weeks. Regardless, the San Francisco 49ers must play Jimmy Garoppolo in the preseason.

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Agreed Jimmy G needs reps, hasn’t gotten a whole lot in his career


Sitting him out week one makes sense, but the whole damn preseason? No Way! Let him shake the rust off. Same goes for Kwon Alexander.


Jimmy G should definitely play a few snaps of the 3rd preseason game “dress rehearsal” just to knock out some of the rust