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Should the 49ers be Considered Geniuses for Re-Signing Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo was brought back as insurance in case Trey Lance got injured, like he did, to keep the 49ers afloat in a playoff run.

The 49ers made a handful of personnel moves to improve their roster this year.

From signing Charvarius Ward, to drafting Drake Jackson -- moves like these are what looked to sure up and increase the strength of the 49ers. However, it is the re-signing of Jimmy Garoppolo that is now looking like the best move the 49ers have made all year. 

Trey Lance broke his fibula and has ligament damage in his ankle against the Seahawks in Week 2. His debut season as the starter comes to an end before it gained any traction. Now Garoppolo is back in the fold as the starter once again. Instead of the 49ers' season coming to an end, their playoff hopes remain intact thanks to their move of bringing Garoppolo back. The move was met with question marks and criticism (myself included) when it occurred, but the 49ers look to be proven right.

So should the 49ers be considered geniuses for re-signing Garoppolo?

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Definitely not. From the very moment the 49ers were bounced in the NFC championship game by the Rams, they have had a goal to trade Garoppolo. That goal literally just ended three weeks ago when the 49ers finally realized a trade materializing, at least one of value, was a pipe dream. They failed miserably in accomplishing that goal, so now they suddenly are supposed to be geniuses for bringing Garoppolo back out of desperation?

Now, do the 49ers deserve a bit of credit for turning a failed mission into something salvageable? Yes. I'll give them that at least, especially since they got Garoppolo's salary drastically cut. But to think they're geniuses and that this was all a part of their plan is ridiculous. I still believe they should have never brought Garoppolo back even with Lance out for the year. If Garoppolo is not the backup going into the season, I find it highly unlikely that Lance is being ran the same way Kyle Shanahan was making him.

Shanahan knew that with Garoppolo as the backup, he could survive Lance missing time due to injury, so why not run him repeatedly? It is just a shame that the worst case scenario with Lance was never considered by Shanahan. But with a backup quarterback he knows he can win with, why even consider it? 

Well done for bringing Garoppolo back as a last ditch effort to save face, 49ers. But you are not geniuses for whiffing on making your desired trade happen.