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Should the 49ers Look to Re-Sign Richard Sherman?

The 49ers brought back Jaquiski Tartt and K'Waun Williams, so why not Richard Sherman?

Stagnant free agent markets have benefitted the San Francisco 49ers.

It allowed them to bring back Jaquiski Tartt, who seemed like a guarantee to sign elsewhere, and K'Waun Williams. This has played into the hands of the 49ers since they are clearly looking to "run it back" again two years in a row.

Another 49ers free agent that they could look to bring back who is struggling to find a suitor is Richard Sherman. Beforehand, a reason why Sherman was not returning was because of the lack of salary cap space. That was something Sherman cited in a presser prior to the 2020 season ending. However, the 49ers actually have space for him now.

Should the 49ers look to re-sign Sherman?

Sure, why not?

If the 49ers are so committed to "run it back" 2.0, then they have to include Sherman. I am sure they enjoyed having Sherman, Williams, and Tartt placed on the shelf for future use. Besides, running it back worked so well last season right?

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In all seriousness, the 49ers absolutely should not re-sign Sherman. 

It is time to flip the page on his tenure with the team. He was a fantastic addition when the 49ers brought him in a few years ago. Sherman was able to be one of the players who helped plant the seeds towards the 49ers' Super Bowl run in 2019. His veteran leadership and performance will always be appreciated with the franchise.

But Sherman's time as a high-level player is over. He just can't run anymore. The only game where he looked dominant was against the Rams in Week 12. That isn't saying much considering he was in coverage against Jared Goff who is an inept passer. 

Even if the 49ers could get him for cheap, I doubt Sherman is okay with being relegated as a backup. He does have an ego here and being told he can't be a starter likely doesn't sit well with him. That is part of the reason his free agent market is slow. Teams know he wants to be a starter, but are concerned about his availability and even his performance.

The 49ers are better off letting the Raiders overpay for him and allowing Emmanuel Moseley to finally start and finish a season. It is also time for the 49ers to stop neglecting the cornerback position in the early rounds of the draft. Nick Bosa and Fred Warner are their cornerstone players at their respective positions.

Now they must look to get one in the secondary.