The 49ers Should Give Frank Gore a Final "Hoorah"

You can't recall the last 20 years of 49ers football without Frank Gore.
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You can't recall the last 20 years of 49ers football without Frank Gore.

There were a handful of greats that donned the 49ers uniform, but arguably no player wore it with more pride and enthusiasm than Gore. As it stands, Gore is still a free agent, and he has one destination in mind that he would absolutely relish.

"I would love that, but we'll see," Gore said of a return to the 49ers on KNBR's Murph and Mac (h/t Josh Schrock of NBC Sports). "I know that they drafted two running backs and I know how this league works. I know they want to give the young guys the first opportunity to see what they’ve got. If they call me, I'll be ready."

The 49ers should give Gore a final "hoorah" with them.

At 38-years old, there isn't much left production-wise for Gore to give the 49ers. And like he said, they drafted two running backs, so of course they are going to want to get tread on their tires over signing an older one. However, signing Gore wouldn't be for production. This is to give an added veteran voice to the locker room. That is something that was sorely missed last year when Joe Staley retired.

With Gore there, he can act as a safety net for depth in case of a flurry of injuries, while being the "sage" in the locker room. Plus, signing him would be a fantastic way for him to ride off in the sunset. The 49ers are a team where Gore put his heart and soul in. It is only fitting to allow a former franchise great to join the team for a final ride. 

Alas, this is not something I envision happening. 

The 49ers do not need Gore nor do I believe they feel he is a fit. The only real argument against that is he will cost the veteran minimum and could definitely help as a mentor. Perhaps this is something that Jed York would request as a service to honor Gore one last time.