Trey Sermon is in a Position to be Successful With the 49ers

The 49ers may have their running back for the future in Trey Sermon.
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The 49ers may have their running back for the future in Trey Sermon.

Selecting Sermon in the third round of the draft is the first time the 49ers went so high for a running back since Joe Williams. There is reason to be cautious with Sermon because of that.

However, Sermon is not of Williams' ilk. The guy is definitely a player to get excited about. The 49ers have had a revolving door at the running back position and have always managed to be efficient with whoever is running the rock. But the 49ers have been in need of a player who could shoulder a bulk of the workload and that player is Sermon.

Sermon is in a position to be successful with the 49ers.

It all starts with running backs coach Bobby Turner, who was a big advocate of the 49ers drafting Sermon. Turner and Sermon built up a connection some months in advance of the draft, so you could imagine the joy Turner must have felt when the 49ers pulled the trigger on Sermon.

"I'm excited to work with him," Said Sermon at rookie mini-camp on Friday. "Throughout the draft process, we talked a lot and developed a great relationship. I know that he's gonna coach me hard, he's gonna laugh and joke with me, and he's gonna bring the best out of me."

One thing that has been superb about the 49ers is their position coaches. The majority of them know how to mold their players, especially Turner. Seeing him get to work with Sermon and turn him into an electric player whom the 49ers can rely upon in the running game is going to be a fantastic sight to see alongside Trey Lance.

Turner isn't the only reason Sermon is in a position to be successful. The outside zone scheme the 49ers run is exactly what Sermon operated in at Ohio State. He's not going to see a dramatic difference, so do not be surprised if he starts to light it up early on with the limited opportunities he will receive.

"When I was making that transition to Ohio State, just looking at a lot of outside zone, the 49ers were definitely one of the teams that I looked at. Really just going through the progressions and the reads because I knew when I got to Ohio State we were gonna run a lot of that and just seeing that this was one of the teams that ran it just as much too, I definitely looked at it as well."

It all just makes too much sense for Sermon to work out for the 49ers. Lance has been the lightning rod for joy and excitement from 49ers fans, but Sermon deserves a share of that as well.