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Week 11:  Best and Worst Case Scenarios

While the lowly Jags enter the contest with a pathetic 2-7 record, they matchup surprisingly well with the Niners which will make for an interesting matchup.

Well, it finally happened. The 49ers played a complete football game. The results were a dismantling of the Rams at Levi’s Stadium for the first time in more than a year. The 49ers will try to follow up a promising performance on a short week as they treck to the Eastern time zone to face an odd Jaguars team. While the lowly Jags enter the contest with a pathetic 2-7 record, they matchup surprisingly well with the Niners which will make for an interesting matchup.

Best Case Scenario: The 49ers carry the momentum from a strong team performance in all 3 phases of the game to dominate the Jaguars.

The 49ers finally got back to the identity of how this team was built and ran the ball 44 times last week. The Jags defense is stout against the run allowing the ninth fewest yards on the ground this season. However, the Jags don’t have elite athleticism and struggle to cover laterally when an offense stretches the perimeter of the field. George Kittle’s blocking will be the highlight of the run game along with Kyle Shanahan’s motions and exotic blocking schemes. The 49ers will run the ball more than 30 times and Garoppolo will have another comfortable performance.

The Jaguars face uncertainty at the running back position due to injuries and are a pretty one-dimensional football team. The 49ers defense will overload the box and trust the secondary that is getting healthy to match up one on one outside. This will completely throw the Jaguars offense out of whack and neutralize them early and often. This one has the potential to get out of hand early in the second half.

Worst Case Scenario: The 49ers will be unable to run the ball and Kyle Shanahan will once again abandon the right game plan for the 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo has played well for three consecutive games which means he's due for a stinker. Garoppolo can turn the ball over at any time and if the run game struggles, you can expect multiple turnovers and a sloppy offensive performance. Kyle Shanahan tends to panic when the 49ers can’t completely dominate on the ground and the Jaguars defense doesn’t allow a lot of rushing yards. All the ingredients for a complete dud are present…will it happen again?

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The 49ers defense has been suspect against the run all season and Sunday they face a hard nosed runner that can pop off at any time. James Robinson (if healthy) will run left all day, right a DE Nick Bosa. The book is out on Bosa and teams have begun running right at him with tremendous success -- expect to see this all day. The Jaguars have the potential to rush for more than 175 yards in this game. That could spell disaster for the 49ers.

Chuy’s Prediction: All the conditions are right for the dreaded “trap game” for the 49ers but they simply can’t afford to lose this game and will find a way to win.

George Kittle will be the X-factor in a physical battle in the trenches. The 49ers will take advantage of the Jags inability to set the edge on defense and will threaten the perimeter enough to set up play action. Kittle’s blocking was greatly missed in the three games he was out but the return of play action will help the 49ers hit on multiple explosive plays down the field. Garoppolo will once again be comfortable in the pocket and will have another solid, mistake-free performance. It won’t be pretty but it will get the job done.

DeMeco Ryans will be aggressive and blitz up the middle to stop the run. Talanoa Hufanga will have another big day and the 49ers will find a way to shut down the Jags run game. Trevor Lawrence is talented but cannot carry his team to victory at this point because of a shaky supporting cast.

The 49ers will pull away in the 4th quarter. 49ers 27 - Jaguars 16.

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