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What Chance Does Kyle Shanahan Have at Winning Coach of the Year?

Kyle Shanahan fell short of winning the Coach of the Year award in 2019, but 2022 presents a prime chance for him to make amends.

There was a robbery committed in the 2019 NFL season.

That robbery was Kyle Shanahan not being awarded Coach of the Year. Ravens' head coach John Harbaugh won it that season despite the 49ers having an incredibly shocking season.

2022 will be a prime chance for Shanahan to win it, but exactly what chance does he have?

Shanahan actually has a pretty decent chance to win it. As of now, DraftKings sportsbook has him with the fourth-best odds at +2000. Now, he is tied with multiple coaches, but those odds are solid for him. It wouldn't be a bad bet to make because the 49ers will certainly be playoff contenders and could go far.

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The dealbreaker that will win Shanahan the award is if Trey Lance looks sweet. Getting to the playoffs and looking good throughout the season, while being a top team will get him in the conversation and considered for the award. But getting Lance to look like an excellent quarterback to top it off will see that award fall into his lap. 

Given that the 49ers were able to run a smooth operation on offense with Jimmy Garoppolo, they can absolutely become a greater one with Lance. Maybe it won't become clear early in the season as Lance could need some momentum to get himself into the thick of it. But the 49ers' offense is primed to look it's best and be the best offense that Shanahan has had since taking over as a head coach.

Lance makes all the difference given he is not a limited quarterback. A lot of criteria needs to be met for Shanahan, so it will be no walk in the park. Still, he has a decent chance to win it and I feel like it is a solid bet to make if anyone were to explore that avenue.

What chance do you give Shanahan to win it?