Why the 49ers are Demanding a First-Round Pick for Jimmy Garoppolo

A first-round pick continues to be the 49ers' asking price for Jimmy Garoppolo.
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A first-round pick continues to be the 49ers' asking price for Jimmy Garoppolo.

According to Michael Giardi of NFL Network, the 49ers remain steadfast on the first-round compensation for Garoppolo. 

The 49ers setting that price for Garoppolo is bold to say the least. Garoppolo is not worth a first-round pick by any measure. Even if he wasn't an injury plagued player, a first-rounder still feels like a stretch. 

However, there is a reason why the 49ers are demanding a first-round pick for Garoppolo.

It is not so much that they believe he is worth that or that they can even get that compensation, but this is basic trade negotiations. By setting the cost for Garoppolo high, the offer from other teams should be relatively close. The 49ers could garner a second-round offer from a team, which would be a huge win for the 49ers. A third-round pick wouldn't be bad either, especially if it were conditional to move into a second-rounder.

Plus, there is the slight chance that a team does end up biting on that first-round demand, although I am not holding my breath on that.

If the 49ers were to outright demand Garoppolo's true value of a mid-round pick, then other teams will be more prone to lowball them. At least with keeping the first-round pick demands ongoing, it will grow increasingly believable that the 49ers will not ship out Garoppolo. 

The most obvious team that could trade for Garoppolo is the Patriots. Knowing Bill Belichick, he is not going to give up a first-round pick when the Patriots received a second-rounder from the 49ers for Garoppolo in the first place. He is going to do all he can to give up as little as possible, but one thing is certain that he won't match what the 49ers surrendered for him over a few years ago.

Maintaining their stance on a first-round pick for Garoppolo is the same logic they are using with confusing everyone on their decision for the No. 3 pick. They are keeping everything close to the chest and want everyone to guess their intentions.

Doing so gives them the best chance to turn their plans into reality.