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Why the 49ers Have to Demolish the Jaguars

With the Jaguars staring them in the face, this game presents an easy snooze fest for the 49ers.

Winning in a dominant fashion over a strong division opponent was a morale booster for the 49ers.

They completely melted the Rams in primetime. It was their most complete win since arguably the 2019 season. However, the 49ers must not get too complacent. This is still a losing team according to their record. And any margin for error going forward is out the window thanks to the first half of the season’s woes.

With the Jaguars staring them in the face, this game presents an easy snooze fest for the 49ers. Getting up for a low-level team on the road with 10 A.M. body clocks is tough, especially after preparing for the Rams with their backs against the wall.

The 49ers have to demolish the Jaguars.

A win will obviously suffice in the record column, but for their own momentum and confidence, they need to beat down the Jaguars. This is a team that playoff contenders take care of, so if the 49ers want to validate themselves, they will do so by demolishing the Jaguars. It should not be close at any point in this game. 

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Right now, the 49ers are soaring high from their fantastic win over the Rams. It is undeniable how electric it felt to do so at Levi’s stadium. The 49ers mustn’t let that be for naught. Defeating the Rams was the first step toward getting their season back on track. Such a great win and momentum builder will be ruined if they scrape by against the Jaguars, or worse, suffer a loss to them.

Kyle Shanahan has been echoing to his team to not take the Jaguars for granted.

“You talk as a coach, you read the numbers, but when you watch the tape they'll see, as they've seen today, this morning that they're a good team and they're getting a lot better. I don't think that people let down after something like that, but you’ve got to realize the emotions that go into a Monday night game is a little bit bigger where we were coming from with how bad we had played before that, so the emotions were high. And so you’ve got to watch for that stuff. Your emotions can't be high every single day, but that means we’ve got to practice accordingly every single day and make sure that we're ready to go on Sunday.”

As much as Shanahan is required to get his guys focused, it would say a lot if the players can’t get themselves right for this matchup. Shanahan can only do so much in this aspect, and it is tough to beat human nature. Like Shanahan said, the emotions are bigger against the Rams on Monday night than they are versus the Jaguars in the morning.

Still, the 49ers will not be excused if they put on a stinker. Take care of business on the road and dismantle the Jaguars. They found out their identity is to run the football finally last week. That needs to be sustained with some wrinkles like play action.

Otherwise, the 49ers are tricking themselves as playoff contenders.