Why the 49ers Will Not Succumb to Super Bowl Hangover

Jose Luis Sanchez III

"It's not even a possibility."

That is what offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey said in a recent State of the Franchise event regarding the 49ers potentially having a Super Bowl hangover. Various other players also backed the notion that they will not succumb to a hangover.

That's all great and everything, but it's not like they were going to say anything else. I mean, what were they going to say? "Yea, I am concerned that we will have issues." Come on now. These players HAVE to say that a Super Bowl hangover is not possible.

Taking what players and coaches say at face value isn't ideal for this reason. However, in this case, there are reasons to believe the 49ers will not succumb to a Super Bowl hangover.

First and foremost, how do teams generally fall under that umbrella of a hangover?

Well, plenty of teams that have gone to the Super Bowl have flamed out the following season, especially teams that emerged out of nowhere like the 49ers. These teams tend to look too far ahead and forget that they have to handle business that is front of them first. 

They essentially deem themselves already in the playoffs without realizing that there is a regular season to be played. This is something that will not happen to the 49ers. San Francisco isn't a team that emerged out of nowhere. Yes, the 49ers' journey to the Super Bowl was out of the blue, but this team has been rebuilding for years prior to its appearance on the grand stage.

Plenty of seasons were spent cultivating and embedding the selfless culture that is currently installed in the franchise. It also helps to have phenomenal coaches and quality talent. Everyone on the 49ers is ready to begin the journey again. 

The best part about their 2020 journey is that their roster from 2019 is practically identical. They know what is at stake and hope to get the newly added players up to speed to what they are trying to accomplish. 

Last season, the narrative against the 49ers was that they will fail because they have no playoff experience. And what do you know, they deflated that foolish talk along with the "pretender" label. This is a seasoned team in terms of its mentality, so a Super Bowl hangover will not be a hindrance.

If anything, the 49ers will be hungrier because of the anger and pain that has been festering inside them. Like Kyle Shanahan said, they are just looking forward to getting back to the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to rewrite their history. 

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"It also helps to have phenomenal coaches". So far these phenoms are invisible and unheard. Who exactly are these guys who crafted a SB run?