Will the 49ers be Active at the Trade Deadline?

Last season, the 49ers were heavily active around this time.
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It feels like only yesterday that I was hammering the 49ers over their inexcusable loss to the Arizona Cardinals in week 1.

Now the 2020 NFL regular season is already nearing its midway point, which means that the trade deadline is arriving. 

Last season, the 49ers were heavily active around this time. They acquired wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders from the Broncos, but were also shoulder tapping the Falcons for Mohamed Sanu and rightfully so. San Francisco was desperate for a spark at wide receiver. 

Sure enough, Sanders was that spark that increased the offensive ceiling and allowed Deebo Samuel to come into his own.

But this season is different. The 49ers are not undefeated and are not clear favorites in the NFC. Even though they are riding a two-game winning streak and are 4-3, it is still a tough decision to make on whether or not they will be buyers or even sellers. 

So with that said: will the 49ers be active at the trade deadline?

I do not think they will be.

Not unless some player, a pass rusher preferably, that they absolutely need becomes available and the 49ers do not have to give up much or take on too much salary. Remember, this team lacks draft capital in 2021 and is barely hanging around $2 million in salary cap space. 

Why else were the 49ers not involved in a trade for Everson Griffen? I do not think Griffin has much to offer overall, but the reality is the 49ers could not consider him even if they wanted to given how strapped they are.

Right now, do not expect the 49ers to poke their heads in the trade circle.

What will become interesting, however, is if they defeat the Seahawks on Sunday, because then that makes it more enticing to pull the trigger. Or at least it would be something on the table for them to consider. That is when the 49ers have to assess what is it exactly that they need, which is of course is help at center, edge rusher and maybe even another cornerback. 

It's really tough to account for because certain players have to be available. Not to mention they have to be a fit on the team both on the field and cap wise.

If they lose, then the 49ers 100 percent should not be buyers in any fashion. They might even consider selling at that point, but I sincerely doubt they will trade any of their players at this point. 

Whichever route the 49ers end up taking, Sunday against the Seahawks is the key domino to fall to dictate which direction they will take.