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Will Brandon Aiyuk Have Over or Under 59.5 Receptions in 2022?

Brandon Aiyuk has been lighting it up in 49ers training camp. Will it equate to him exceeding 59.5 catches?

Brandon Aiyuk has been on an absolute tear in training camp.

All of his work in the offseason with Trey Lance is clearly paying off. 2022 will see Aiyuk hit the ground running, which will be the complete opposite from his start last year. His slow start in 2021 factored into his stats as he produced only 56 catches, which is four fewer than his rookie year.

DraftKings sportsbook has set the over/under at 59.5 catches for Aiyuk this season. I guess they’re trying to see if he can prove to beat his best output in his career in Year 3. Something tells me it won’t be too hard for him.

So will Aiyuk have over or under 59.5 catches in 2022?

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Empty the coffers on this because there is no way Aiyuk doesn’t vastly exceed that number. Before training camp kicked off, I would have taken the over without hesitation after reading the line. Now, I would say “over” before even finishing reading it. Aiyuk will be in the 80 catch range. I feel strongly about that. No other wide receiver has as strong of a rapport with Lance. The two just have to look each other and know what needs to get done without saying anything.

It is this because of this exact connection that I took the over in a previous article for touchdowns with Aiyuk. But now that training camp is already dug in deep, it’s the easiest bet to make to take the over with ANY stat for Aiyuk. It’s more than just the strong synchronization he has with Lance -- he looks so much more refined as a route-runner, which he was already smooth at. Now he’s just taken his game to another level. Seeing him 20 feet away from me at a couple practices, I couldn’t help but notice how well he utilizes the space on the field to gain leverage against his defender. Doesn’t matter if it’s press or off-coverage.

Aiyuk is going to light up the stat sheet and have a career year. There’s no other player on the 49ers, both offense and defense, who I would take to have a greater jump from last season than him.

Which side of the over or under would you take?