By sistaff
September 11, 2011

Tony Scheffler caught just one touchdown pass for the Lions in 2010, the lowest single-season mark of his career. He's already matched that mark this season, thanks to an 11-yard TD from Matthew Stafford in Detroit's 27-20 win at Tampa Bay Sunday.

Scheffler didn't hide his excitement, either, after finding the end zone against the Bucs. The Detroit tight end broke out his best Zorro impression in front of Tampa Bay's pirate mascot, lovingly known as "Captain Fear."

Here's the swashbuckling Scheffler:

As far as end-zone displays go, it's definitely not the worst you'll ever see and probably at least deserves some points for creativity.

And Sunday's sword-fighting routine scores about a billion times better than the ... uh ... "dance" Scheffler busted out after scoring this preseason against New England:

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