By Chris Burke
November 11, 2012

Did Trindon Holliday fumble before crossing the line? You make the call. (Reuters)

Trindon Holliday gave the Broncos a 14-7 lead in Carolina Sunday with a 76-yard punt return TD -- his second special-teams TD in as many games. Did he get away with a DeSean Jackson-esque mistake at the goal line this time, though?

Jackson, you may recall, made a similar mistake in a game against Dallas during his rookie season. He caught a long pass from Donovan McNabb behind Dallas' defense but flipped the ball out of his hand just prior to crossing the goal line. That play was reviewed and overturned -- Philadelphia was awarded the ball at the 1, but the touchdown was taken off the board.

Holliday appeared to toss the football in celebration just a split-second before crossing the goal line, which would have resulted in a fumble.

You can check out video of the play here on, but take a glance at the shots below and see what you think:

Holliday's TD stood, despite the NFL's new rule requiring every scoring play to be reviewed.

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