By Chris Burke
December 09, 2012

For all the positive things Andrew Luck has done this season in leading the Colts into playoff position, he has been mistake-prone at times. To wit: A brutal pick-6 thrown in the first half of Sunday's game against Tennessee, in which Luck tried to fire a pass as he was being tackled from behind and, instead, dropped one right into the arms of Tennessee's Will Witherspoon.

The play (video here) was ruled a touchdown on the field, then automatically reviewed per NFL rules.

The issue in question: Was Luck down before he threw the pass?


And here's a zoomed-in shot:

Colts 2

Luck's knee -- and possibly both knees -- appeared to be down prior to the ball leaving his hands. However, the call stood after the replay review, giving Witherspoon a TD.

FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira weighed in on the call via Twitter:

Even if the call was incorrect, Luck made an absolutely horrible decision on the play. He had a receiver cutting across the field about 15 or 20 yards downfield, but the much safer play there would have been to take the sack.

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