By Chris Burke
February 06, 2013

Mike Glennon was 8 of 16 for 82 yards, with no touchdowns or interceptions, in the Senior Bowl. (G.M. Andrews/AP) Mike Glennon was 8 of 16 for 82 yards, with no touchdowns or interceptions, in the Senior Bowl. (G.M. Andrews/AP)

Version 2.0 of our 2013 NFL Draft Big Board is live for your perusal (and/or criticism). The next update to the prospect rankings will come after this year's Scouting Combine, which begins on Feb. 20, in Indianapolis.

Until then, here's a look at three issues from Big Board 2.0:

1. Where things stand at QB: As with just about every draft, I get the impression that we'll be talking about the quarterbacks this year, despite the lack of obviously elite talent.

With a couple of weeks left before the Scouting Combine, opinions are all over the board at that position. A lot of analysts remain on the Mike Glennon bandwagon, despite a roller-coaster performance at Senior Bowl week; and just this week, a well-known draftnik ranked Ryan Nassib No. 1 ... of the entire 2013 class.

I still believe Geno Smith is the top prospect of the group, by a comfortable margin, followed by Matt Barkley (assuming he gets his shoulder right, pre-draft), Nassib, Glennon and Tyler Wilson. That's exactly where I was for Big Board 1.0, and nothing has changed my mind yet.

A quick word on Glennon: He draws a lot of comparisons to Joe Flacco, but when I watch him, most often I see the worst of Flacco -- the Flacco of three or four years ago, who panicked under pressure and made some awful decisions. Glennon may develop as Flacco has, but right now, he's far from ready to start.

2. Is Ezekiel Ansah really a top-10 talent?: One of the talking points for this draft class is that it's exceptionally deep -- the clear stars may not be there, but there will be value for at least three or four rounds. And that parity climbs almost all the way up the list of prospects.

So, is Ansah a top-10 player right this second? Probably not. But I have him in the top 10 because between what he's shown on the field (like in the Senior Bowl) and what his ceiling appears to be, he has greater potential than most of the guys in this draft.

3. Who fell out of the top 40?: Four guys, in all -- Purdue DT Kawann Short, Georgia DT John Jenkins, SMU DE Margus Hunt and Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert.

Short probably would be No. 41 if the Big Board continued, and his drop is more of a correction for having him a bit too high in 1.0 -- he showed extremely well during Senior Bowl week, but he still vanishes for long stretches on Purdue's game film. Similarly, I had to specifically take notice of Jenkins during the Senior Bowl because he was such a non-entity. Not a good sign.

Hunt has a lot of potential, but the Senior Bowl proved that he is still a good distance away from being a reliable contributor.

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