By Chris Burke
October 09, 2013

Matt Schaub has thrown a pick-six in four straight games, an NFL record. Matt Schaub has thrown a pick-six in four straight games, an NFL record. (LM Otero/AP)

The incident between an angry fan and Texans quarterback Matt Schaub at Schaub's home was not as combative as first reported, but it was still unnerving enough for the Schaub and his family that NFL security and Houston police may get involved.

A report from CBS Houston on Tuesday night indicated that a fan "berated" Schaub, while another "took pictures of his family." This all occurred two days after Schaub was pulled from a Texans' loss in San Francisco. Schaub set an NFL record in that game by throwing a pick-six for the fourth consecutive week.

Jeff Miller, the NFL's VP of security, told the NFL Network that there indeed was an unwanted visitor at the Schaub household.

"This is a little unusual in that we don't normally have fans acting in this way, going to a player's residence that sort of thing," Miller said. "In this case, Monday afternoon, a vehicle pulled into his driveway, an unidentified individual yelled obscenities. The police department is involved. We've been in contact with them as we normally would for anything like this. And because it's a team issue, they have a security director, we work with them.

"In this case, they'll be working closely with the police department. But it's going to be investigated and handled seriously by Houston Police Department."

The Houston P.D. confirmed that a member of Schaub's family had contacted them, but largely downplayed what occurred.

Schaub has come under increased scrutiny in Houston, with his team off to a disappointing 2-3 start. His on-field miscues played a huge role in the Texans' Week-4 collapse against the Seahawks -- they led that game by 17 in the fourth quarter -- and he was unsteady from the start against the 49ers.

Following the loss to Seattle, a Texans fan was filmed burning a Schaub jersey in the Reliant Stadium parking lot. Sunday night, as Schaub took a seat on the bench in favor of backup T.J. Yates late, the hashtag #FreeCaseKeenum trended on Twitter. (Keenum, an undrafted rookie, is the Texans' third-string quarterback.)

Texans coach Gary Kubiak confirmed on Monday that Schaub was still the team's starting quarterback, though he hardly gave Schaub a vote of confidence.

"He is, but I'm in the evaluation process," Kubiak said.

According to the NFL Network's report on the episode at Schaub's home, the league will work with Texans team security "to provide extra support because this story is now in the public eye."

UPDATE (Wednesday 5:45 p.m. ET): Schaub said Wednesday afternoon that while he contacted Texans team security after noticing fans snapping photos outside his house, he was not aware of anyone leaving their vehicles or yelling at him.

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