By Chris Burke
November 03, 2013

(Tim Sharp/AP)Dez Bryant hurt the Cowboys with a pair of penalties in Sunday's game against the Vikings. (Tim Sharp/AP)

Last week's Dez Bryant sideline blowups turned out to be more sound than fury. On a play Sunday against the Vikings, the evidence of Bryant's anger was much more conclusive.

Bryant was flagged for a pair of 15-yard fouls on a 3rd-and-15 play against Minnesota: one for offensive pass interference, then another for unsportsmanlike conduct as he ripped his helmet off to protest the initial call. The Vikings accepted the latter of the two penalties, which drove the Cowboys out of field-goal range and forced them to punt.

Bryant seemed to believe that he had drawn a defensive holding or pass interference call -- either would have given the Cowboys a first down. Instead, he was hit with the costly penalty himself.

[si-nfl-player id="d96eafa7dc6546b7bc84dfc03736e622"]

Via BuzzFeed Sports, here is the second of Bryant's two infractions (note Minnesota's Jared Allen celebrating enthusiastically in the background):

During a brutal Week 8 Cowboys loss in Detroit, FOX's cameras twice picked up Bryant exchanging words with people on his own sideline. The first interaction involved QB Tony Romo, while TE Jason Witten and injured DE DeMarcus Ware were part of a later incident, which occurred right as the Lions took a dramatic lead in the game's closing seconds.

Witten and Bryant were no worse for the wear this week. After Witten scored a touchdown against Minnesota, Bryant found him on the sideline to give him a celebratory fist bump and some words of encouragement.

And the discussion with Romo seemingly was much ado about nothing. The NFL Network released the audio from that chat late last Sunday, revealing that Bryant mostly was either shouting encouragement or trying to convince Romo to get him the football.

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