By Doug Farrar
November 03, 2013

This play did not end well for Robert Griffin III. This play did not end well for Robert Griffin III.

Things have not gone well for the Washington Redskins early on in their game against the San Diego Chargers. Washington's first offensive drive started at its 1-yard line after San Diego punter Mike Scifres pinned the ball there. Washington's subsequent drive took the ball down to the San Diego 7-yard line in 16 plays and almost nine minutes, but there was no getting into the end zone, and Kai Forbath's 25-yard field goal attempt was blocked. (As an aside, the Redskins' special teams are really, really bad.)

Washington's second drive ALSO started at the 1-yard line -- that might be an NFL first -- and this drive ended with even less success than the first. After a false start penalty on first down, Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III tried to throw the ball in the general direction of receiver Leonard Hankerson (we suppose) when all heck broke loose. 

(GIF via Bleacher Report)

Griffin's throw was batted down by defensive end Lawrence Guy, who deflected the ball into the back of defensive tackle Cam Thomas. The ball hung in the air as if it were filled with helium, and it came down in the hands of Sean Lissemore for the San Diego touchdown. It's not technically a Fat Guy Touchdown as Lissemore stands 6-foot-3 and weighs just over 300 pounds, but we'll throw the John Madden quote from The Replacements in there anyway:

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