By Chris Burke
December 15, 2013

Vernon Davis finished the catch -- and then some -- on a 52-yard touchdown.Vernon Davis finished the catch -- and then some -- on a 52-yard touchdown. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

We all know how much emphasis the NFL places on "completing the process" of receptions, but this was ridiculous. Vernon Davis capped off his 52-yard TD grab against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by crashing -- hard -- into a wall behind the back of the end zone.

After ricocheting off the wall, Davis sprawled out on the field for a moment before being helped to his feet by QB Colin Kaepernick. A few seconds later, Davis walked slowly to the sideline with Kaepernick alongside him.

Davis did return for the second half.

[si-nfl-player id="a66ea9d8bd934eda932bab8344de3e89"]

That Davis' collision came at the tail end of a play, and that he stayed in the game after, kept him from joining Gus Frerotte in wall-induced-injury infamy. Frerotte, then the Washington Redskins' quarterback, hurt himself after head-butting a padded wall at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium while celebrating a touchdown run.

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