By Ben Eagle
January 22, 2014

(John W. McDonough/SI) (John W. McDonough/SI)

In advance of Super Bowl XLVIII, Peyton Manning and the Broncos appear on one of Sports Illustrated’s national covers this week. (Richard Sherman appears on the other.)

What will happen when the most prolific passing offense in history squares off against the NFL's most stingy secondary? SI's NFL experts explore that and more.

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"While no defense has truly stopped [the Broncos] attack yet, the Seahawks are equipped to do so," writes TheMMQB's Andy Benoit. "Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell can take away Demaryius Thomas and Erick Decker on the outside. ... Of course, Peyton Manning and his offensive coordinator, Adam Gase, will be well-prepared for such tactics."

Peter King also makes his pick for the NFL's biggest game.

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