By Chris Burke
January 22, 2014

Tom Brady fell shy of making an NFL-record sixth Super Bowl appearance.Tom Brady fell shy of making an NFL-record sixth Super Bowl appearance. (Joe Mahoney/AP)

With his team falling one win shy of a Super Bowl trip, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has no interest in dwelling on the 2013 season. He opted out of the Pro Bowl this week (Alex Smith was named his replacement), and he told WEEI in Boston that even watching the Super Bowl is pretty far down his list of priorities.

"Those games are hard to watch," Brady said. "I don’€™t really see myself sitting down to enjoy a football game to watch it. Our season’€™s over. Truthfully, I [couldn't] care less about watching the game. That’€™s pretty much how I feel."

An understandable reaction from Brady there, as he is just days removed from Sunday's loss to the Broncos, which prevented Brady from making his sixth Super Bowl appearance. He did, however, refuse to classify the season as a failure for his team in spite of Sunday's loss, though his disappointment remained evident.

"I think there’€™s a lot to be gained by seasons like this," Brady told WEEI. "You see players that have really emerged to become dependable players for our team and there’€™s a lot of things to be gained from it. But at the same time we’€™re not here -- I think we’€™ve established a certain level of play that we’€™re not satisfied unless we’€™re the last team standing."

This was the same WEEI interview in which Brady not-so-subtly criticized Richard Sherman for his now-famous interview after Seattle's NFC title game win. "We win with graciousness, and when we lose we can do better," Brady offered.


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